Bulk Carriers

Transport with complete conventional bulk cargo ships

Represents a historical work that our company began in 1947 with the purchase of two ships S/S SIOR PIERO bulk carrier 2200 tons. and M/V FERTILIA bulk carrier 3000 tons. that continues up to the present date with a new generation of chartered vessels with time charter contracts.


In addition to the various product such as cement, fertilizers, wood, our focus has been directed more towards the transport of foodstuffs such as wheat, flour, cereal and sea salt.
The expertise acquired in this kind of case study is precisely the bulk transport of salt from the salt flats of the North African countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the northern Adriatic ports consisting of one of our more regular traffic flows for the past 70 years.

Complete management

We handle and deliver around 200,000 tons. of sea ​​salt annually using 40/50 bulk carriers chartered by us and after arriving in the ports, we take care of delivery to the destination and unloading on the ground is done with our own lifting equipment.
It is fundamental that in all transport segments (loading, maritime transport, unloading with cranes on the quay or on trucks, delivery to the respective destination, unloading on ground) the maximum quality of service is ensured.

Minimize the risk

The first activity to be carried out with precision and care is the selection of cargo ships that are available in the market.
Not all the available ships meet the basic requirements and essentials to ensure the integrity of the goods and to provide an adequate service: ship age, draft at full load, position that compared to the load determines the speed of execution of work, type of holds, control of products loaded during the execution of the last trips to determine the compatibility or the level of risk with the new cargo to be loaded, cleaning of the holds by lime washing and related certification, owner's reputation.
The supervision of our staff during loading operations is crucial to ensure a safe harbour, a smooth loading and a faster completion of all documentary formalities and, if necessary, customs operation.

Door to Door Service

Prior to arrival of the ships at the port of destination, our organization coordinates with the tugboats and the Harbour office for entry and unloading at unloading quays: every activity is performed under our utmost careful surveillance and handled via stock or unloading directly onto trucks depending on customer’s needs.
Even the trucks are selected carefully according to the needs of the cargo both in terms of quality of means and in the terms of daily availability for a fast execution of the loads in the port and the subsequent delivery at the final destination establishments.
Farinato may eventually occupy the discharge to the ground at the recipient's site with its own lifting equipment that depend on the product and the quantities to be moved, varying in terms of typology.

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