Project Cargo

Project Cargo

The diversification of transport services is inherent in the life of our company, along with the experience and versatility gained in 130 years of history, is dedicated to study, to plan and to implementation of transport systems using any kind of transport solution from simple container to heavy-lift ships for commodities with exceptional weight and size.

Turn-Key plant

The realization of transport of a Turn-Key plant requires not only a great professionalism and knowledge of the most suitable shipping systems, but goes beyond the total integration with the operating systems of our customers, from the embryonic stage of negotiations for the acquisition of a project , the planning and scheduling of events, the logistical assistance during inserting of orders, the consultation of documents , the cargo monitoring, the research for an eventual need for storage areas, the constant flow of information during the various phase of transportation, the presence of true and qualified partners in developed and undeveloped markets.

guarantee of safety for each load

In the presence of shipments that exceed the gauge limits or the mass limits, the verification of the dimensions and weights of each individual item, and the analysis of the center of gravity of the lifting points, adhering to the controlling of singular specified maximum heights, the capacity of viaducts and bridges, and last but not least, the temporary closure of any road sections to normal traffic are an indispensable condition to ensure a safely transportation.


For Plant’s equipment or industrial modules and its containerized parts, often the requirements of the recipient requests to supply its own containers SOC (Shippers Own Containers); Farinato is capable to locate from anywhere in the World the quantities and the types of necessary containers to satisfy the needs of the project selecting carefully the load units by its age, structural conditions, economic conditions and also allowing large security guarantees through the CSC certification (International Convention for Safe Containers) with a certificate from the International Classification Authority.
The attention given to the single customer and the planning of "tailor made" project for the different activities, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety, represents the cornerstone of our daily work.

Past and present testify the professional capacity that differentiate Farinato in the management of this service. .

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