Reefer Containers

Perishable goods with REEFER CONTAINERS

Even this specialization has an ancient origin.

An important segment of the market is dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh products that deteriorate rapidly if not kept under proper temperature.

Not only food

The various stages of loading and unloading of refrigerated containers are the basis of a perishable goods transport service that desired to be an excellent of quality to maintain all the characteristics of the products transported.

Not only food, but also chemical or health products are however intended for use in refrigerator units.

Tobacco transportation

From the second half of the last century, Farinato represented one of the main players in the market for the transportation and handling of thousands of containers of raw tobacco to and from Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Turkey, Russia and other countries.

In spite of those who believe that tobacco is only transported by dry containers, there is a growing need of Tobacco Manufacturing Industry to resort the use of means of transportation of refrigerated containers that maintain their product in unchanged form, in the quality, in the certain percentages of humidity and in a constant temperature during various stages of its journey which, in most cases, crossing the tropics and the equator.

care and integrity

To maintain the integrity of the shape of a semi-finished product or to preserve it from mold and mildew that arise from safe and continuous changes in temperature during the transport, is the duty of a careful and well-equipped partner.

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