Special Transports


The high complexity and daily challenges that face Farinato in project management resulted in an inevitable desire to put to the test again with logistics solutions for special transport of high-tech goods.

planning each phase of transport

The use of security measures in each logistic segment is essential for a successful outcome of each transport.
Packaging OSB crates and wooden cases with barrier bag and bold cap on the packaging cover, installation of shock sensors and internal humidity measurers accessible through inspection windows, planning, construction and supply of saddles and supports “L” for the transport of lenses and related structures, use of special lifting equipment, studying of road routes prior to load and unloading with dual drivers at a controlled speed, shipment under deck stowage with reliable carriers.

Study, planning and solving any transportation issue everywhere in the World

In addition to operating with world prestige companies that manufactures sophisticated production lines addressed to various industrial sectors that requires careful and meticulous consultancy and logistics execution, Farinato has collaborated for years with the astronomy world for the transportation of lenses and instrumentation for telescopes.


Thanks to our professional team and our specialized services, we have successfully achieved, taking every security measures for packing, international shipping and on-site unloading, the astronomical sites in:

Roque de los Muchachos (2.400 m. Canary Island, Spain) for Galileo Telescope;
Mount Graham (3.300 m. Arizona, USA) for the Large Binocular Telescope
Cerro Paranal (2.635 m. Atacama desert, Chile) for ESO.

No more shipping barriers

Reaching the astronomy sites usually located in the heart of a desert on extinct volcano craters, under the protected areas of the sky reachable only through a very limited mountain paths and on dirt roadways, is a source of pride for our company that never wants to stop growing and to get involved in new activities.

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