The primary need of a company who wants to be skillfully positioned is that of identifying the final cost using reliable services and to be certain of delivery times.
This is essential for both manufacturing companies and for commercial companies who intend to undertake the exportation of a product or otherwise to import it and to market it. In a market where the reduction of production costs reaches the maximum possible optimization, the difference is very often determined by a careful choice of methods of shipping and transportation and the professional skills and the ability of those who are entrusted to provide the service.

Partner to get involved in your business project

Farinato is an ideal partner to get involved in the business project to discuss jointly the planning of shipments and to commission all those operations which may not be directly related to the core business, but are by no means less important.


Farinato has acquired extensive experience and versatility in handling shipments of all types of merchandise using the very same professionalism and care for any transport solution. Today, it has highly qualified personnel to analyze, plan and solve any problem relating to transport anywhere in the World.

We believe in Future

Since 1990 FARINATO has consolidated its image and position in the market with sponsorship campaigns in various areas.
You may remember the many sports sponsorship experiences, preferring automobile (African raid and rally), motorcycling, sailing, golf and extreme expeditions, in addition, the transport from Italy to New York of the monument "The New World" on the occasion of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.
In the last few years FARINATO has been devoting special attention to the growth in the sport of children and young people, knowing that any form of sporting activity assists our young people to form their own character to face the life of tomorrow.

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