Tank Containers

Liquid bulk transport with TANK CONTAINERS

With the beginning of the XXI century, saw the growing need for a particular niche market to transport bulk goods without packaging to optimize the costs of logistics, but without commitment having to recur the use of complete vessels, the company acquired an important fleet of tank containers (iso-tank) and began to run the transport in bulk liquid products of various kinds.

Integrated logistics

Also in this sector, Farinato dedicates significant resources and develops an international network organization that allow to offer integrated logistics services to organizations that in need of any type of tank containers of 20 'for the transport of several categories of product of both chemical and food products.

Available with different capacities from 15,000 liters to 35,000 liters depending on the specific weight of the product to be transported, insulated with steam heating, both new and used, all tanks are equipped with CSC certification (International Convention for Safe Containers) certified by the International Classification body which is regularly renewed according to the regulatory framework (For technical specifications see the tank container section in the documents).

knowledge and experience for each scenario

Over ten-years collaboration of transport of alcohol and spirits on behalf of a British multinational organization working in a emerging markets infrastructure and with socio-economic-political precarious situations, resulting in careful logistic study, of the presence of local qualified partners who are well-rooted in the territory, of the bureaucratic long-term trade agreements and a meticulous planning and scheduling of production flows, loading and shipping.

Attention to details

The prime importance and integral parts of the transport service with tank containers are the cleaning and maintenance.
At the end of each use, after emptying the product, the tanks transit to our specialized terminals where they perform structural inspections, eventual repairs, replacements of the exhaust valves and seals, reclamation through specific washes that vary according to the type of product loaded, drying inside the tank to prevent the problems of condensation during the repositioning journey towards a new loading facility.
Each wash station for internal of tanks consists by separate runways: those for the remediation of chemical products and those physically separated from the other, as required by European regulations and ordered by HACCP, intended for the washing of food products.
To guarantee the work performed by our terminal and to certify the integrity and suitability of the tanks for later usage, our working protocol provides the on-site intervention by the Internationally accredited Independent inspection Authorities that after the appropriate inspection, affix their seals on each valve of the tanks.

Kosher certification

For loading of food products aimed at large-scale retailers, the Kosher certification (in Hebrew means lawful, appropriate, permitted) released after the cleanliness of our tanks has become almost indispensable to conquer and to maintain its own products in all markets that cater not only to observant Jews, but also to Muslims and to millions of individuals vegetarians, vegans or who suffer from intolerances. The terminals where Farinato operates are provided with such certification.

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